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The Sun sweeps away the Night….  Just as it always has...

So, imagine what else it can do!...

Who am I?

Musician Pianist. I grew up in a musical atmosphere. From a family of musicians, I took the opportunity to explore all styles of music.

On the strength of this learning, I developed the well-established idea that music is good for the Soul, if it is considered as an necessity to be expressed, with sincerity, to know :

Revealing the Divinity hidden within each of us. I also pay particular attention to the music of folklore as being witness to a spirituality and a contact with the Source.  For me, Source-inspired music will bring new Light to a new World.

Serge Troubadour: Through family affiliation, I inherited the music of the Caribbean, Brazil , Cuban and other Sun blessed countries then I studied the piano at the conservatory, passing from Classical music to Jazz. Student at the Bill Evans Piano Academy - Paris.

The role of the musician of the future will be founded on the Elements of Nature.

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