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The Sun sweeps away the Night….  Just as it always has...

So, imagine what else it can do!...

Who am I?

From a family of musicians, I grew up in an ambience of Caribbean, jazz and Cuban music, all whilst studying at the conservatory, from classical to jazz. Student at the Bill Evans Piano Academy, Paris, I also studied drumming in parallel with my piano studies. I discovered this world in Jazz fusion … I am pianist and drummer.


I pay particular attention to the music of folklore, as being witness to a spirituality and a contact with the Source … a link which unites all men. 

Folklore remains the ancient witness to the love and respect of nature, and brings its own collection of musical nuance.

Thank you to the inspired musicians whom I met and who carry their world with them.


Where am I now? 

Made strong by my experience of life, I devote my time to the sciences, to the spiritual and to meditation.


The role of the musician of the future will be founded on the Elements of Nature.

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