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The writings of Serge TROUBADOUR


The Universe and Life come before all Love and Poetry … 

Just like a wild and powerful beast, we do not capture it … we celebrate it! 

Once creation comes out of nothingness,

it does what it has to do and showers he who feels the need of it.


An artist … is like a "release of balloons"

It inflates the present moment and lets it fly away to the Sun.

I imagine the role of the musician as being part of the "doctors of the world", in collaboration with the major sciences: doctors, researchers and spiritualists … those who are interested in the ideas which they will have known how to create. A notion where the connections 

between the musician and nature surrounding him, come together.

I imagine the new musician as being invested in the role of "cleaner of the planet", cleaning up the delicate layers, taking into account the effects of his music on the exterior.

The musician will have loaded his notes with a powerful intent, just as the priest loads his incense.  Armed with such a weapon, the musician opens up, transformed beyond his limitations.

"Art can be very powerful and effective,

if it lifts its nose up high … "

  Certain will say: Utopia!

 Why not?

"The strength of the world is in a utopia to be fulfilled!


The role of the artist, is it not to have an intimacy with everything else?…


The moment has come to love our Planet, and all it has to show.

In finding again wisdom, balance, then only one new day can be born. The word which underpins the structure is brotherhood: friendly exchanges between peoples.

The word of the future: Celebrate rather than … Exploit!

The keys to science are hidden in the Heart … Why?

"The head is cold, the Heart is warm."

The Salamander, a mythical spirit. The name given to those who live in Fire.


Because we don't deserve the  Dragon, we have the Salamander.


So frail, yet at the same time strong… 

Phœnix personified. Symbol of threatened biodiversity. 

If the earth is polluted, you no longer exist ...

Fire is your mirror in the four corners of the Earth.

When you speak to the Fire, Dragons hear you and the orders are executed.

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